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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Disney MySpace

Are you looking for free Disney Goodies to add to your Myspace.com Profile. Well than look no further as I am sure you can find it at one of my many Disney websites. All you have to do in return is provide a link back to my site on the page you used the image/background. Many times the link back is right in the provided HTML code!

I do prefer that you download any image and upload it to your site or image host (there are many free image hosts available) and not link directly to my sites images when possible. This saves on my sites resources and thus makes visiting my site faster and more enjoyable to you the visitor.

  • Tinkerbell Blinkies with HTML code - no download required
  • Disney Blinkies 2 pages of some of my favorite Disney Blinkies like Princess Cinderella's Coach, I Love Disney, Mickey Mouse, Finding Nemo (Dory, Flo, Nemo and more), Tigger, Eeyore, Tinker Bell, Pooh Bear, Bambi, Lion King(Hakuna Matata), Piglet, Goofy, Pluto and More

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is a favorite in my house and not just my toddler either LOL My Boys also enjoy Dora who range from preschool and even elementary ages. We watch Dora on Nick Jr. every day!

For those who have not yet had the pleasure, Dora the Explorer is a 7 years old Latino girl who uses her knowledge of the Spanish language to learn, communicate with her friends, and overcome various obstacles to reach her goals. In each episode, Dora teaches the children a Spanish word or phrase and then asks them to use it to help solve a problem. The problem usually has Dora and her friends travel to three locations participating in a variety of ways while learning colors, counting, singing, and words in Spanish and English until they get to the third and final goal location. The Dora is often accompanied by a variety of friends – Backpack, Dora's Map, Boots the monkey, Benny the Bull, the Fiesta Trio (a bug band), Isa the Iguana, Señor Tucán, Tico, Swiper the Fox, Stars, and even her cousin Diego (who now has his own show which is similar but geared more towards learning about animals).

I have posted some great new Free Dora the Explorer graphics and printable snags as well as Diego free cartoon printables. Stationary, Kid Print Stationary as well as Birthday Invitations and evenBirthday Greeting cards. You can find them at I-Love-Cartoons.com Direct page links below!

New Go, Diego, Go Stationary!

New Printable Diego Birthday cards and Invitations at the Dora Links above!

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